Kelly Outside
This is the very first clip ever we see Kelly take a dump outside.. diarrhea as usual, and it becomes clearer and clearer with each clip
how pretty this model Kelly really is..

Mila 4
A new clip of Mila's with her old camera still. Imagine how this will look with her new cam and with the JA diet.
This girl is capable of Mega Dumps. Here's something to look out for..

Sabrina's Dirty Toilet
Sabrina having fun pooping on the toilet lid and making quite a mess.
And ofcourse we love to see this.

Iris' Endless Turd On Bowlcam
A very, very long turd by Iris on bowlcam, so you'll see every little detail of the process of female pooping.. this was a very long one, and
it's too bad Iris forgot to record the result.. it must have been huge!

Older 2005 scenes finally released with permission of the girl being spied on.

Iris' Constipated Standing Shitter
Iris is a very sweet girl: She wanted to take something against constipation but didn't do it, because "I know the members like to watch
me strain and struggle with these solid monsters" she said.
You can't do any better than having Iris as your JA model.. she'll do anything for you!

Older 2005 scenes finally released with permission of the girl being spied on.

Iris' Long Turd and Long Fart
Iris lover's will finally hear Iris fart.. and when she does, it's enormous!
She shoots a pebble turd as she's farting.. and farts again.. A very non-Iris type of clip with the very Iris-like grunting!

Iris' Windy Constipation Scene
This scene was already featured as a bonus clip: Iris, somewhere in the North of the Netherlands, struggling with a very hard to get
out dump on a windy afternoon.

Carolina is the ex-Miss Belgium model, who just started modeling for Joy Angeles. So far she just made a few testmovies,
but as she's a beautiful young girl, she could well be one of the new leading ladies of this website.

Iris' Constipated Colour Turds
When you thought you'd seen everything, Iris comes up with a doggy-styled, sexy, noisy, all grunting 2 coloured, rockhard, painful pile!

Mila 1
Newest JA model Mila Perlman will be known for her wide turds. This clip already has been a bonus clip, but there are some more you
haven't seen yet. This girl is bound to be THE favorite model of each and every EFRO lover who loves big, fat and huge turds.
The anal-stretching model I was looking for has arrived!

Mila 2
The bonusclip and introduction of Mila Perlman on this website.

Mila 3
The bonusclip and introduction of Mila Perlman on this website.

Mila 5
Model Mila pooping some bricks on a plate.. incredibly promising clips!.

Shellyna 1
A clip from black EFRO model Shellyna

Shellyna 2
A clip from black EFRO model Shellyna

Carolina from Belgium, professional model pooping secretly in her livingroom.
If all goes right, Carolina will be filmed by Joy Angeles this summer.. A VERY pretty girl!

Joy Angeles' newest model LEAH from the United States.
Recording for this gorgeous girl could well
be the NEW scat superstar..

Leah II
Joy Angeles' newest model LEAH from the United States.
It's clear this is not just an EFRO model..
She shits, plays with herself and loves poo, pee and scatgames.
The new Scat Amazone LEAH..
And the great thing is: this girl really can shit too!

French Maid Spycam
The leftover spycam material recorded a while ago

French Maid Spycam II
The leftover spycam material recorded a while ago

Constipated Iris is pulling her own turd out of her ass..

Mila Perlman
This is the absolute top of wide-pooping girls. All those who love pretty girls shitting big fat turds.. here's Mila.

Mila Perlman
Mila on her bedside breaking turds.. an incredible view!

Mila Perlman
This is about as good as it gets.. the clip you're watching DOES NOT HAVE A FISH EYE LENS, like all those Japanese produced spycam movies, which makes turds look 10 times bigger than they really are. No, this is -FINALLY- the genuine stuff: A girl delivering a rockhard, long and THICK turd!

Mila Perlman
As shown in the movie The Bone Collector, Angelica Jolie places a dollarbill next to the
evidence to estimate it's width on the photograph.
I asked Mila to do likewise.

Mila Perlman
Another brick turd from Mila

Mila Perlman
Mila, like Ana, always was a very girl-like and shy girl.
Now, anonymous as may be, she delivers huge turd after huge turd on her bed side.
This is one of the heaviest dumps!

Mila Perlman
Mila dumping a large one, and holding it in her hand

Mila Perlman
Now look at the size of Mila's turds...

Sabrina doing doggystyle, producing a big pile as usual..!

Sabrina's natural cam, delivering a huge pile being seated on a portapotty.