This is how first started, in May 2004.
There was virtually no defined niche for 'Clips Of Girls Pooping And That's Pretty Much It' so Joy Angeles came up with
the term 'EROTIC FEMALE RELIEVING OBSERVANCE', in short 'EFRO', to clearly define this new genre and keep a distance from
the 'scat' niche, which is a totally different fetish.
The EFRO Fetish was simply watching a girl pee or poo, nothing more.

Today, the 'EFRO' Niche is a world wide accepted and used term to indicate 'Clips Of Girls Pooping, Peeing, Farting Or Burping',
and there was a huge audience for these kind of mild, voyeuristic and 100% female - produced clips, where no man was ever visible.
11 years later, these very first Joy Angeles clips have been erased by a decade and have become a collector's item for the EFRO lover.
Now, Joy Angeles GOLD will feature all these gems again for a brand new generation of EFRO lovers to enjoy.

This footage is 100% exclusive material, you might have seen a few here and there scattered (or: Efrotered in this case) across the internet
on websites like Heavy-R or Eroprofile, but most of them have remained hidden and now can be seen in their original 2004 handycam glory...

Enjoy Angeles!